Judge Judy 4

Plaintiff: Bayleigh Anderson

Defendant: Melissa Lund

Issue: 13 year old Jordan has behavioral issues and gets sent to a camp where they are not satisfied with the treatment. Asking for $2000

Verdict: Defendant was not required to to pay the $2000



Judge Judy 3

Plaintiff: Angelica West

Defendent: Brittany Harrington

Issue: Defendant did not pay plaintiff money for babysitting and wanted to get paid for her son getting hurt.

Verdict: Defendent pays plaintiff $240 for babysitting.

Judge Judy 2

Plaintiff: Wendy Moore

Plaintiff’s Son: Derrick Moore

Defendent: Nelda Bailey

Verdict: Dismissed Case. Defendent recieves $5,000 from plaintiff as a counter offer.

Issue: Defendent’s niece drives car with Plaintiff’s son and flips it and wants Plaintiff to pay for car and medical bill. Defendent’s niece is killed in car accident.

Judge Judy

Plaintiff: Karina Roy

Defendent: Nicole Tzimeas

Verdict: Plaintiff does not get moving fees paid by defendent. Plaintiff recieved $199.99.

Issue: Acuses defendant of stealing tupperwear and assaulting her. Defendent gave Plaintiff fourteen days to move out.