Chapter 1 Homework

1. A court can declare a law unconstitutional  if it conflicts with the provisions in the Constitution.

2. Law consists of rues of conduct established by the government to maintain stability and justice in society.

3. Once a decision has been made by the highest court in the state, other courts in that state must follow that decision according to the law of precedent

4. Morality involves the values that govern a societies attitude toward right and wrong.

5. The most fundamental laws of a country make up its Constitution

6. A law passed by legislatures at the federal,state, or local level is a statute.

7. Ethics determines what society’s values should be regarding right and wrong and creates rules to go along with those values.

8. The US Congress, our federal legislature, has the power to make laws.

9. Law based on custom and shared throughout a state or country is referred to as common law.

10. Administrative Law consists of those rules and procedures established by regulatory agencies.


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