Investigating the US Constitution

Investigation the US Constitution

Your Name: Max Mohrmann

Using the web links provided, answer the following questions regarding the Articles to the US Constitution.  You do not need to answer in paragraph form, short sentence answers are fine.

After you complete the assignment below, create a new BLOG page (under the parent page Chapter 1) called ”Investigating the US Constitution” and copy and paste your MsWord document to your new blog page.

ARTICLE 1: The Legislative Branch (Congress)

Section 1

  1. What two powers are represented in the US Legislative Branch of government?

Senate and House of Representatives

Section 2:

  1. How long is the elected term of a Representative of the House?

2 years

  1. How what are the minimum age requirements in order to be elected to the House of Representatives?

25 years old and 7 years of citizenship

Section 3:

  1. How many senators can be elected from each state?

2 from each state

  1. How long does a senator serve as an elected official of his/her state?

6 years

  1. What are the minimum age requirements in order to be elected to the senate?

30 years old and 9 years of citizenship

Section 4:

  1. When and how often does Congress (both Senate and House) meet?
    Once a year on the first Monday in December

Section 7:

  1. Most Bills presented to Congress start in which power of the legislative branch of government?

House of Representatives

ARTICLE II: The Executive Branch

Section 1:

  1. Does the actual number of voting citizens votes determine who wins an election? What determines the actual outcome of a presidential election?

No, the electoral college vote counts. This is the Representatives from each state, who have one vote.

Section 2:

  1. What are the powers granted to the president as Commander and Chief of the armed forces?

The president has the power to make treaties and declare war.

  1. How far does the president’s powers extend on treaty policies?

Two-thirds of the Senate

Section 4:

  1. What would be a valid reason to impeach a president?

Conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

ARTICLE III: The Judicial Branch

Section 1:

  1. Who holds the greatest authority in the US Judicial System?


Section 3:

  1. What are the requirements of convicting an individual for Treason?

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