Chapter 14 HW

Language of the Law

  1. damages
  2. privity of contract
  3. remedy
  4. specific performance
  5. novation
  6. mitigation of damages
  7. assignment
  8. anticipatory breach
  9. delegation
  10. third-party beneficiary


Review Questions

  1. An assignment is the transfer of a right under a contract and a dlegation is the transfer of a duty.
  2. Rights to the payment of money and rights to the delivery of goods are the most common types of rights that are assigned.
  3. Duties that require personal skill and judgement, such as the duties of teachers, writers, artists, or entertainers can’t be delegated.
  4. A third party beneficiary is a person who may enforce a contract made specifically for his or her benefit. They may enforce a contract when it is made specifically for that person’s benefit.
  5. a breach of a contract is when one party fails to do what he or she agrees to do. One example is is if someone agrees to build a house but they dont.
  6. Accept the breach, sue for money damages, or ask the court to order the other party to do what he or she agreed to do.

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