Chapter 16 HW

Language of the Law

1. warranty of title

2. guarantee/warranty

3. express warranty

4. limited warranty

5. merchantable

6. full warranty

7. implied warranty

8. warrranty of fitness for a particular purpose

9. warranty/gaurantee

10. warrant of merchantability

Review Questions

1. An express warrarnty is from the seller while implied warranty is from the federal government.

2. Any product more than $10, product must be labeled full or limited warranty,

3. warranty of fitness for particular purpose or warranty of merchantability. The seller imposes it

4. seller warrants that the title being conveyed is good transfer is rightful.

5. It must be in writing and conspicuous, as is, with all faults

6. They will arrange to correct the situation, return it within a reasonable time

7. exchanging goods for conforming ones, returning goods and recieving fund, keeping the goods and claiming damages


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