Chapter 2 Homework

  1. Performing an act that is prohibited by law is committing a(n) crime.
  2. When a diamond necklace disappeared from a locked drawer, a salesperson was accused of grand larceny, which is a(n) felony. 
  3. When Phil’s wife died from multiple knife wounds, Phil was accused of murder.
  4. John accused Ray of assault after Ray attempted to hit John with a baseball bat.
  5. A witness who claimed to have seen Kathy commit a crime was brought in by the prosecutor to testify.
  6. A women saw the prowler climbing out of Jackson’s window with a sack in his hands; the prowler was charged with burglary.
  7. Helen was a victim of robbery; a man pushed her down and stole her purse.
  8. Larry wanted to impress his date, so although he didn’t have a drivers license, he drove his dad’s car. This was a(n) misdemeanor.
  9. The defendant pleaded not guilty.
  10. The defendant received a(n) sentence of ten years in prison when he was found guilty of kidnapping.


  1. The plaintiff is always the person accusing someone of a crime.
  2. A felony is more serious and can lead to death, while a misdemeanor is less severe of a penalty.
  3. The two elements of a crime are the criminal act and the required mental state, intent.
  4. Insanity, entrapment, self-defense, and defense of family members.
  5. Murder is killing with malice aforethough and manslaughter is without mailce aforethought. First-degree murder carries death penalty while second-degree murder does not.
  6. The felony murder rule is if you murder someone while commiting a felony, it is a first-degree murder.
  7. Robbery is the taking away of a personal property while burgulary is the breaking in and entering of a person’s house at night with the intent of commiting a felony.
  8. Due to defense of a family member, they will not be prosecuted.
  9. Larceny by false prentenses, forgery, bribery, and extortion.
  10. Guilt or innocence, presentence hearing, appeal to the state’s highest court.

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