Chapter 40 The Final Contract- Wills

Will– legal contract that directs the disposition of one’s lifetime propert (estate)

Estate– all personal and real property held in an ownership by the decedent

Executor– man named to administer will

Executrix– female named to administer will

Probate– process that validates will through the court system

Testatrix– woman who writes a will

Testator– man who writes a will

Heirs– any individual connected through family lines that should be beneficiaries

Beneficiary– anyone named in a will to recieve a benefit

Bequeath– to give someone an asset

Intestate (Intestacy)– an individual who passes without a legal will

Administrator– male appointed by the state

Administratix– female appointed by the state


II. Requirememnts of a Will

  1. Properly written (lawyer)
  2. signed (at least 3 witnesses)
  3. Properly signed by testatore and testatrix and by the attorney
  4. Holographic will– handwritten will that is properly signed that can only distribute personal property
  5. Codicil– any amendment or change to a will
  6. Nuncupative Will- soldiers, sailors, anyone in battle, can verbally express their intentions to another only conveying personal property

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