Chapter 5 Language of the Law

Language of the Law

  1. Judge Raynor could not try the case because it was outside his jurisdiction.
  2. Federal district courts have original jurisdiction over most federal court cases.
  3. When Gary, and ex-convict, felt the jury in his original trial was prejudiced against him, he took his case to a(n) appellate court.
  4. Alex, a Utah resident, sued Dave, and Idaho resident, for $75,0oo. The case was tried in a federal court because it was a(n) diversity of citizenship.
  5. The federal court of appeals has  appellate jurisdiction over cases that are decided by federal district courts.
  6. All cases involving major crimes and/or large amounts of money begin in a court of general jurisdiction.
  7. The landlord insisted the tenant pay the $500 rent he owed; the tenant refused to pay until the heat was fixed. The case went to a court of limited jurisdiction.
  8. A court that is between the lower courts and the highest court is called a(n) intermediate court.

Review Questions

  1. What are 2 court systems? Federal court system and state court system
  2. Wat is the source of the federal court systems authority? Jurisdiction
  3. What 4 types of cases are included in he federal courts jurisdiction? actions in which the US or a state is a party, except those actions between a state and its own citizens, cases that raise a federal question, diversity of citizenship cases, admiralty, patent-right,copyright, and bankruptcy cases.
  4. How is the federal court system arranged? lowest- district courts, middle- US court of appeals, highest- Supreme Court
  5. In what kind of case does a federal district court have original jurisdiction? Civil or criminal case
  6. what jurisdiction does a federal court of appeals have? appellate jurisdiction
  7. what types of cases are included in the supreme courts original jurisdiction? its appellate jurisdiction? ambassadors, consuls, other public ministers and cases which a state is a party; all cases that involve the constitutionality of a federal law
  8. what is the general pattern of state court systems? consist of local trial courts, courts of general jurisdiction, and appellate courts
  9. what are three courts that are referred to as local trial courts?  traffic courts, police courts, municipal courts
  10. 2 examples of courts that have been established to handle specialized cases? land and housing courts






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